Last week, we introduced the new Frozen Bean 2.8 oz single serve flavors. If you did not see the announcement, you can view it here: 2.8 oz single serve flavors. This week, we will be introducing our final new product line: Frozen Bean hot cocoa! The Frozen Bean hot cocoa is packaged in boxes that each contain 6 single-serve packets.
Each packet makes one cup of café quality hot cocoa, and best of all, it is super easy to make. Simply follow these 3 easy steps: pour 1 cup of hot milk into a mug, add the entire packet of Frozen Bean mix, and stir until dissolved.
Our hot cocoa line will include 2 brand new flavors: cinnamon roll and chocolate cookie butter. If you are in the mood for a special treat or looking for a way to warm up, Frozen Bean hot cocoa will surely satisfy. Frozen Bean hot cocoa will be available at Walmart stores for $2.94 in May 2017. We are confident that you will love them as much as we do!
The Frozen Bean Team

5 thoughts on “New Product: Hot Cocoa”

  1. okay thanks. also, someone at a football camp told me and hundreds of other people that excess protien turns into fat. i know the outcome of having habit too much protein at once, but that sounded next a lie to me.

    1. Hi,
      We do not have that feature at the moment. But we will keep your suggestion in mind to release on the next update. Stay tuned! Thank you.

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